Slip Solutions FAQS

Does the treatment change the look of the surface

There is no discernible change in the look or dry feel of your floor when professionally applied. We first test a small area of your surface to see how the treatment reacts with your floor and make sure that you are happy before we proceed with the rest of the application

Does this treatment protect me in a lawsuit?

In most cases, awards are based on negligence. Did the business know there was a risk, and did they take action. 

What types of floors can be treated to become slip resistant?

We have a large variety of specialised products that we use to make any floor slip resistant.

From vinyl to metal, the Slip Solutions process is effective on all surfaces including mineral surfaces like ceramic or porcelain tiles, marble, travertine, concrete, river rock and more.

Why Should I consider having my floors / other slippery surfaces treated?

According to Safe Work Australia, slips, trips and falls result in thousands of preventable injuries every year. The most common form of injuries are musculoskeletal, cuts, bruises, fractures and dislocations, but more serious injuries can also happen, and unfortunately death too.

Between 2003–2015, slips, trips or falls caused the death of 386 workers which were caused by mostly (56% of the time) environmental factors. Major factors include slippery surfaces following rain or spills, poorly designed or maintained walkways, poor lighting on stairs and walkways and trip hazards for example from poorly stored materials

Types of injuries

Table 1: Most common injury locations

Body area Injury numbers % of all slips, trips and falls
Knee 4,930 20.7%
Ankle 3,985 16.7%
Back—upper or lower 3,000 12.6%



How much does it cost?

Price varies depending on the type of surface to be treated and the size of the area.

Compared to anyone else in the industry we offer the best value for money and our prices are very affordable and competitive. We also offer free estimates.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, our service comes with a 2-YEAR warranty, and we also offer very affordable continued maintenance options.

Does this treatment guarantee that I won't have a slip & fall accident?

Slip Solutions cannot guarantee that no one will ever fall on a treated floor but we do guarantee that your floor will meet or exceed government and industry standards.

Can I buy the product and do it myself?

Yes and no.

Although there are products that may increase the slip resistance of a floor that you could buy off of the shelf, getting it to Australian standards is quite different.

We use highly specialised products that drastically improve the slip resistance of a surface and the difference between what we can do vs the shelf bought product is phenomenal.

Our products are specifically made for us and are the absolute highest quality available.

Most importantly, we have the tools, training, and certification to apply the products.

In most cases, it is more cost effective to get us in than to try to do it yourself.

How long does it take to treat my floor or bathtub?

Bathtubs, showers or bathrooms typically take less than 2 hours. Commercial applications average 2 hours for every 100sqm.

On larger scale commercial applications we have the ability to scale up to 300+sqm per hour

As far as curing time is concerned, most of our treatments are ready to be walked on immediately after completing the application.

How long before I can walk on the floor or use the tub?

In most cases the surface is ready for use immediately, there is no cure time. Although there are some specific applications for example to treat vinyl, where there will be some curing time, up to 12 hours for some treatments.


What types of businesses can benefit from a NON-SLIP treatments?

Virtually all types of businesses can benefit from a NON-SLIP Floor Treatment.

Our main clients consist mostly of commercial asset managers, the hospitality sector and aged care. Slip Solutions however offer our services to everyone and we have done multiple applications for a huge range of needs and requirements.


I've owned my business for many years and never had a slip-and-fall accident. Why should I worry about it?

If you stay in business long enough statistics indicate that it is inevitable that someone will suffer a slip-and-fall at some point. The problem is universal across all business types.

How can I determine if my floor is treatable?

Slip Solutions pride ourselves in the ability to make any surface slip resistant. From metal to concrete through to vinyl and tiles, we have the specialists to treat any surface.

Will your treatment dull my shiny floor?

Most of our treatments will not cause a noticeable reduction in shine. We prefer to first treat a small area with our proprietary process, at NO COST TO YOU, so you can experience the difference between the “treated” and “untreated” surfaces. Once you have approved the full service, we will apply the “micro-tread” treatment to your entire floor, until your floor exceeds Australian standards.