Concrete Anti Slip

Anti Slip Concrete Sealing

Concrete Anti Slip
Pricing For Anti-Slip Concrete Sealing

‌Pricing for anti slip concrete sealer is dependant on several factors and is priced per square meter

Size of the area to be treated and surface preparation are the main factors which influence pricing.

As a guide, for a surface that requires minimal preparation, the starting price would be $450.

That would include up to 20sqm of treatment.

Area size pricing guide:

  • 20-50sqm      =   $21.95
  • 51-100sqm    =   $20.95
  • 101-200sqm  =   $18.95
  • 201-500sqm  =   $16.95
  • 500sqm+       =  enquire for a quote

For most foot traffic areas, an anti slip sealer can be applied to the concrete. This method enhances the look of the concrete and gives it a rough texture. This option is the most cost effective and can last up to 5 years depending on the amount of foot traffic in the area. A popular choice in anti slip particularly for residential areas that are looking for a well priced service that will suit their needs. The anti slip coating can be made as slip resistant as you need without any alteration in price.


Anti Slip Epoxy for concrete

Epoxy anti slip coating
Pricing For Anti Slip Epoxy

Given the nature of the treatment, it is difficult to give an exact figure and there can be a fair degree of difference in price range.

In saying that we will give you a rough guide to apply an anti-slip epoxy to prepared concrete, as well as a price for concrete that needs to be prepared.

Prepared concrete (diamond grinded and ready for epoxy application)

  • $35-$40 sqm

Unprepared surface with a decorative anti slip epoxy finish

  • $90-$105 sqm

Epoxy is a great option to treat concrete floors. The design can be varied and there are many colours to pick from, including clear. When a tough, hard wearing floor that is easy to clean and is hygenic is required, this might be the option for you. Anti slip epoxies are highly chemical resistant and can be as slip resistant as you need them to be without extra cost. Epoxies are hard wearing and as such can be used for vehicular traffic as well as high pedestrian traffic areas. The downtime for a treatment is approximately 48hrs.


Concrete Grinding

concrete grinding
Pricing For Concrete Grinding

Depending on the type of grind required for your needs as well as the finish, the pricing can vary quite a bit.

However, for a good anti slip concrete finish, with the right type of sealer applied to protect your concrete the prices are as follows

  • 0-100m       $55 sqm
  • 101-200m   $50 sqm
  • 201m+        Enquire for a quote


The ultimate solution for anti slip concrete. When it comes to solutions for anti slip and concrete, this is one of the best. The solution is simple, grind the concrete to a rougher texture and seal it. Once the correct roughness is obtained and the correct sealer is used, the concrete will be permanently slip resistant. Because of the finality of the treatment it can be the ultimate choice. Concrete grinding for creating a non slip surface is the most costly, but can be the most beneficial in the long run. Once it’s done, it’s done