Anti Slip Truck Bed

Anti slip truck bed

Anti Slip Truck Bed

Slip Solutions offer treatments to just about any surface. We treat metal surfaces just as readily as plastic. When it comes to truck bed liners, we have the perfect coating to protect your assets. Slip Solutions use a speciality epoxy designed to bond to metal and other substrates. The coating gets applied in two stages and can be made anti slip at no extra charge.

Anti slip treatment for pallet jack

Here is an example of an electric pallet jack that we treated.

The customer  had an issue with sliding pallets. We came in to treat the tynes with our metal anti slip and achieved a great result.

Closer look

Tail gate anti slip treatment

Truck tailgates can be a slip hazard for employees.

This is one of our projects that we completed to keep our customers’ workers safe.

Applying an anti slip treatment to a truck tailgate can make a huge difference in wet conditions.

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