Anti Slip Tile treatment

Anti Slip Tile treatment

Our anti-slip tile treatment is rated among the best in Australia!

Facts about our anti-slip tile treatment.

Unlike a DIY anti-slip tile treatment that may peel off or discolor, our trained team use a highly specialized product that will not change the appearance of the tiles. 

We pride ourselves in the quality of product and service that we provide. In fact, we have the only solution on the market for dark tiles! Unlike any of our competitors, who leave darker tiles destroyed once they have applied their anti-slip treatment, we leave your tiles looking great as they should.
After the application of the treatment, your tiles will have grip and will be up to standard.

Can I know what it looks and feels like before you go ahead with the job?

Absolutely! Before we start the project, a treatment will be applied to a small inconspicuous area or a spare tile if you have one. By doing this, you will have peace of mind.
Unlike our competitors, we tailor the treatment to suit your tiles. All tiles are different and require a different approach. We will make sure to have the perfect formula for your tiles.

How long is the treatment process?

As mentioned before, every tile is different and every job has its own unique formula. However, our anti-slip treatment applies incredibly fast and is ready for use straight away. For example, when we apply our anti-slip tile treatment to a shower floor the following takes place:
1 Initial testing of your tile is to figure out the best formula for your anti-slip tile treatment. In most cases, you would have to meet Australian standards. This process takes approximately 30 minutes.
2 After both parties, i.e. you the customer and us, are happy with how the outcome, we will go ahead and do the treatment, approximately 45 minutes.

The entire process for our anti-slip treatment, from beginning to end, is less than 1.5 hours for a typical anti-slip tile treatment of a shower or small bathroom.

For larger jobs, our anti-slip treatment process is similar to above. Depending on our treatment formulation for your tiles and environmental conditions, we can typically treat between 50m-100 square meters per hour. However, we have a well trained and fully equipped team to ramp up those figures where jobs are more time-sensitive, e.g. a shopping centre that can only be done out of hours.

Anti-slip tile treatment procedure:

  1. First, We test the tile to determine the number of applications needed to achieve Australian Standards. 

2. Once testing is completed, the tiles are thoroughly cleaned with our unique formula to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

3. The formula, which is uniquely tailored to suit your tile, is then applied to the tiles. We let the product dwell according to the test we have done in step one.


4. Neutraliser is then applied to the tiles

5. Lastly, your tiles are washed and the site is cleaned up and left perfectly clean and ready to use. 


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