Anti Slip Bathtub Treatment

Anti Slip Bathtub treatment

Anti Slip Bathtub Treatment

Slipping and falling in a bathtub can be very devastating. People often lose their balance and slip in a bath resulting in injury and sometimes unfortunately even death. Australian statistics have shown between      2003-1215, 386 workers have died from slip trips and falls. The article is worth reading and can be found here.

Our goal at Slip Solutions is to avoid that at all costs!

Slip Solutions have the best anti-slip bathtub treatment on the market. We offer this service to anyone who has a slippery bath and who needs to find a solution. Because of the versatility of our product, we are able to treat irregularly shaped bathtubs and create a non-slip surface on any shape or size bath.

Once your bathtub is treated with our anti-slip treatment it requires a curing time. Therefore, we recommend 24 to 48 hours after treatment before using the bathtub.


Procedure for Anti-Slip Bathtub:


The first step in making a non-slip bathtub treatment successful is surface preparation.

Our professional team will clean, prepare, then clean again, getting the surface ready for the anti-slip treatment.

Once the surface is completely dry, we tape up the area to be treated making sure that we get a perfect curvature on the bathtub so that the treatment looks perfect and like a natural flow.

We then professionally apply the slip-resistant coating to your bathtub and refine the look of the treatment.

Your bathtub is then given at least 24 hours to cure and is ready for use.

Enjoy your new slip-resistant bathtub that feels safe and looks great!

Who typically uses this?

 Most of our inquiries come from the elderly and sadly, after a slip and fall. Also, parents with young children are frequent clients of ours and love the results.

We often get contacted by occupational therapists to help out their clients in a slippery situation and we always deliver satisfactory results.

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