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    Surfaces we treat

    Surfaces we treat 

    Slip Solutions

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    At Slip Solutions we prioritise your needs, whether you need your business to be uninterrupted or simply feel comfortable with the pricing. We’ve got you covered.  

    Slip Solutions
    Slip Solutions

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    Each family or business has their own challenge they face when it comes to their safety or the safety of others. Whether its your children running around the pool or you are concerned about the safety of your employees. We created a business that makes your safety our priority. 

    Slip Solutions FAQs


    Frequently asked questions

    Does the treatment change the look of the tiles

    Slip Solutions take pride in the fact that once our anti-slip tile treatment has been applied, there is no discernible change in the look or dry feel of your now, slip resistant tiles. We test a small, discrete area of your tile first to see how the anti slip treatment reacts with your tile before we proceed with the rest of the application.

    Once professionally applied by Slip Solutions, your treatment cannot peel off or discolour, guaranteed.  

    What types of floors can be treated to become slip resistant?

    We have different types of anti slip treatments for different surfaces. We are able to make any surface non slip with a wide range of products and experience. From anti slip treatment for metals, to anti slip treatments for wood, concrete, ceramic or porcelain tiles, terrazzo, marble, travertine, river rock and more.

    How long does it take to treat my floor or bathtub?

    Slip Solutions treatment for bathtubs or showers typically take less than about 1-2 hours. Commercial applications average 2 hours for every 100sqm. We do however have the ability to scale up to a much quicker application if the job is time sensitive. 

    How can I determine if my floor is treatable?

    Our licensed NON-SLIP application professional will be able to determine if your floor can be treated. Almost all of the surfaces we have come across have been treatable.

    Will your treatment dull my shiny floor?

    Most of our treatments will not cause a noticeable reduction in shine. We prefer to first treat a small area with our proprietary process, at NO COST TO YOU, so you can experience the difference between the “treated” and “untreated” surfaces. Once you have approved the full service, we will apply the “micro-tread” treatment to your entire floor, until your SCOF exceeds Australian standards.